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Picture this: you’ve lived in the same town for your whole life and you’ve had upwards of ten years to acquire a group of friends. It’s your senior year and then you realize: in just a few short months, you’ll have to start the process of making friends all over again. This was my experience, as I began to pack my bags for college. I spent the last few days with my friends, and then it was time to go. It’s scary; terrifying, even. But it’s a part of life that becomes so much easier once you learn how to handle it.

Starting the Conversation

The first step is to realize just how many potential friends are out there. Once you let go of your judgement and reservations (trust me, we all have them,) you’ll see that everyone has the potential to be a friend. My first suggestion would be to find common ground. It can be pretty difficult to approach strangers, especially if you’ve felt rejected in the past. However, once you realize that everyone on campus during those first few weeks are probably feeling the same way, it gets a little easier to manage.

Finding Common Ground

Typically, it’s easiest to relate to people through things like fashion and media, and this is most often expressed through clothing! Don’t be afraid to tell someone if you like their outfit. Not only can you make someone feel confident, but it’s also a great conversation starter! If you’re not comfortable giving compliments, then I would suggest to just start talking to people. A conversation can be about anything. Ask someone what their major is, or see how their classes are going. Just get out and talk to people. And if nothing else, just realize that the people you see aren’t “out to get you.” In fact, they’re likely just as nervous as you are.

Your Roommate

It’s extremely important to have a good relationship with your roommate. You’ll have to live with them, after all. It’s even a possibility that they’ll be your first friend on campus! You could invite them to the dining hall with you, or invite them on a Target run. Make sure to respect their boundaries, and set your own. Typically your roommate will have made friends of their own, and they may introduce you to their group. This is a great way to find new people, and being friends with your roommate makes life so much easier as a college student.

Live Your Truth!

After all is said and done, the best advice that I can give is to be your most authentic self, and the right people will find you. Never try to hide who you truly are, and learn to love yourself the way that you want others to love you. Take a deep breath, calm your nerves, and then go introduce yourself to someone. Here’s to a great year with lots of friends!


Kennedy Brice

Valdosta '25

Lover of anything and everything. Writer, artist, student. Stay curious.
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