Makeup? No, Thanks!

It seems that the standard for beauty for women to have their eyebrows perfectly shaped, a bomb highlight and lashes either glued or curled delicately. Honestly, I adore makeup. BUT I adore it from a distance. I’m finding less and less women my age that go totally bare-face and natural daily the way that I do. There’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with someone whose makeup is flawless, if anything I admire makeup artists and those who are just skilled enough to do their own face. Kudos to y’all!! However, I have learned that there’s nothing wrong with me just because I’m not a fan of wearing makeup.

NOT knocking those whose comfort lies in the tube of mascara or within the Juvia's Place palette. I’m literally applauding you internally.

I don’t foresee that ever being a set part of my appearance. Now, if in months or years to come, I do find myself wearing makeup daily or at least more than I do now, I will kindly correct twenty-year old self. Let's just make it a point to stop trying to excuse people for not wanting to choose makeup. It doesn't have to have anything to do with the person's skill level, time, patience, funds, nor does it have to have anything to do with the fact that they haven't experimented enough. Sometimes, it just is what it is. In this case, that's the indifference of makeup. Yes, we know what a good face beat can do for our appearance, but no, we don't necessarily want it (again, not speaking for the general population). Preferences are preferences, so understand others' as you would want yours understood. Especially if they're kind about it!

Girls who are walking around with the bare faces shouldn’t feel like they need makeup just because there are people all around us making that choice. Do you, boo boo! I will never NOT appreciate natural beauty. There have been times where I’ve seen girls who seem to always wear makeup without it and said to myself, or someone else that I could see why they wore it so often. Not being mean and saying they need it, but just because makeup can sometimes transform people so much that without it, they look like a completely different person! Therefore, I could see why they may feel like they need it because they get used to the makeup look and so does everyone else.

I wouldn’t ever discourage someone from choosing to ENHANCE the beauty they already hold, but it’s so important to reassure those who aren’t a part of that trend. Because I know what it feels like to wonder if your preference is wrong based on what everyone else feels is right. Just like every other choice we are free to make in life, I hope that people allow other people to just be their own individual selves. Never pressure someone to do what you’re doing just because you’re doing it! Even if it is as simple as a face beat! NO, we don’t ALL want to look YouTube tutorial ready 24/7, but YES, we do still appreciate you if you do!!