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Major Keys DJ Khaled Would Want You to Know

You proudly, and loudly rap the lyrics “I got the keys, the keys, the keys…” but do you really? You say your swag is different, and you “brag different” but are you really someone’s life goals? Well, many people seem to think they are other people’s life goals because of their fancy clothes, and stacks of money they have sitting in their dresser drawer but nine times out of ten, that is not the reality of the situation. To some, it may seem like those people do indeed have the keys to success, but what many fail to realize is things aren’t usually what they’re hyped up to be, and there’s so much more to life than the materialistic things.

So how do we get to DJ Khaled’s standard of living? He’s happy, generous, humble, wealthy, and very well-known. Well if I were to sit down with him, and ask him what he believes are the keys to success, here are a list of the things I believe he would tell me and why.

1. Dare yourself to make the impossible, possible​ 

There should never be a time in your life where you aren’t striving to accomplish something. Getting out of your comfort zone is probably one of the first steps to accomplishing something that many people won’t.

2. Have determination

Someone once told me that one person who is determined will accomplish so much more than a thousand people who are only interested. Once you set your mind to something, go for it and never let anyone or anything stop you from what you want to achieve.

3. Excellence is never optional

In everything that you do, never allow yourself to produce work that is less than your absolute best.

4. Have a vision AND a plan

Visions and plans go hand in hand. You cannot have a plan if there is no vision, and at the same time, a vision has no meaning if you don’t have a plan on how to execute it.

5. Remain humble in all of your success

Nobody likes an ungrateful person. Be thankful for all of your success and progress, and don’t forget to give back to those who helped you along the way, and those who have less than you.

6. Don’t forget to have fun through it all

Yes we all want to work hard to receive the rewards, but if we aren’t having fun working towards our goals, then we will become miserable, and probably lose all of our motivation to succeed.

I don’t know about you, but watching DJ Khaled’s snapchats makes me really appreciate the little things in life… kind of, lol. From admiring the bushes outside of his house, to being thankful for all his fans, it seems like he is always happy and enjoying life! Yes, Khaled definitely has the bank account to put a smile on his face, but one thing I’ve noticed is he always remains humble, and he never forgets to give back to others. So, the next time someone ask me whose life is my life goals, I’ll say DJ Khaled. He’s got all the major keys – not just to success, but also to happiness, and ultimately that’s what’s most important. Now that’s a major key alert! 

Lauren Ashli, formally known as Lauren Thomas is a native of Atlanta, Ga. She is currently a senior at Valdosta State University studying public relations and communication. After graduation, Lauren plans on working full time as a broadcast journalist for a major magazine company or television station. When she's not working behind the camera, Lauren spends time in the dance studio, working on her own personal businesses, socializing, and listening to her all time favorite artist Beyonce Knowles. You can follow her on Instagram @lauren.ashli, and on Twitter @MsLauren_Ashli. You can also visit her personal website www.laurenashli.com
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