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Made In America: A Multicultural Celebration of Art

With Black History Month coming to an end Valdosta State offered some great forums and events to express the love for black culture and the people who help build it. One of the most anticipated events was the Made In America Art Exhibition. This is the second year the aspiring art curator and VSU Senior, Mia Rawls put together a great show helping young artist display their work. If you missed it, here are some of the works from our talented students.

Kaylon Baker- “Awakening”

At first glance you might think this piece has to do with the past of African Americans and slavery. As Kaylon puts it, this piece is about how we as black people must mentally wake up and get a better grasp on the reality of our society. We must become “woke.”

Darrell T. Boner II- “Surrender”

Throughout history, black women have always gotten backlash from society for being vocal and strong. African Americans have been through a lot these last couple of years and black women have been the back bone of our movements like #BlackLivesMatter. “Surrender” shows how America wants black women to be; silent and blind to the destruction.

Carlos Johnson- “Pharaoh Luther X”

Meshing together the faces of Malcom X and Martin Luther King Jr. and displaying them as a Pharaoh expresses how we use to be kings and queens and now must fight for equality. Carlos believes in the conscious awakening and we must realize who we truly are as black people.

Jarius Leavy- “Untitled”

Black women have always been bonded by their looks. We have been ridiculed for our hair and body as long as history goes back. I related to this piece so much because us our natural state is not accepted. Our natural hair is called un-kept and our curvy bodies is looked at as unhealthy. The handcuffs act as the reigns on us black women by society.

Alexindra Countryman- “Africa”

This hand carved sculpture shows that this is what mother Africa is.

Jazmin Young- “Untitled”

All the different shades of black and brown stand for the African American race. She used hand prints to show unity. The bullet holes and red display the blood shed our people have gone through but states that we must stay together and be strong.

Spencer Robinson- “Miss Black and Gold”

“Miss Black and Gold” is an ode to the black women also tying in with his fraternity’s Alpha Phi Alpha’s Miss Black and Gold pageant which uplifts us black women.

Darian Plaris- “Untitled”

Darian who is one of our Her Campus members displayed in his piece that America was built on the black woman. The red background stands for all the blood on American’s hands and the crown shows that no matter what others say, we are queens.


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