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Life, Love & College: Self Love is The Best Love

College is not only a place to further educate yourself, it also serves as a template to figuring yourself out and your purpose in life. Through all the negativity and hardships that come with life and growing up, one can lose inner tranquility which can cause self-doubt.  

There’s always a girl or guy that feels “some type of way” about themselves, whether it’s specifically their appearance or something deeper within. When it boils down to it, you have to learn to accept yourself, flaws and all, before anyone else can even consider taking that risk.

Before looking down on yourself, be thankful for being alive. Embrace your curves; give yourself a warm smile in the mirror to begin your day. Take time to breathe and realize you are not alone. When you carry yourself with respect, you must always be positive and accepting or always open to opinion and applying constructive criticism. Things as simple as this will assist you in your feelings toward yourself and will also give others looking in on you a reason to provide you with similar respect.

Loving or respecting yourself gives you a natural high and the confidence to fulfill dreams and aspirations you’ve always desired to reach. Self love is the best love!

I'm from Darien, Georgia . (McIntosh County) I'm a junior at Valdosta State University with a major in Early Childhood Education. I absolutely adore fashion trends, celebrity scoop, and everything in between !
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