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Life, Love & College: How to Find the One You’ve Been Looking For

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

In college, it seems like a relationship is more of a trend or popularity booster than it is a real companionship. Consequently, a lot of girls are looking for “the one” in all the wrong places and going about it in all the wrong ways. Despite this, there is no denying that it feels good to genuinely like someone and receive that same interest in return. Here are a few ways to get you headed in the right direction so that you have a greater chance of running into your other half. 


1. Stop Looking

Yes, you read it correctly, just stop. Going out with a constant radar searching for your future husband does you no good. Relax and stop pressing it. It’s okay to be single; you’ll have more problems when you’re in a relationship anyway, so what’s the rush? Go out and have a good time, regardless if anyone is watching. 


2. Get To Know Yourself 

As cliché as it may sound, loving and truly knowing yourself inside and out must happen before you can correctly love someone else. Know what you want for your life and what you expect in a relationship. Realize your self-worth first, because no one can ever take that away from you. 


3. Make A Friend

Instead of mentally checking off your list of standards when you first meet a guy, try giving him a chance and letting the conversation flow. Don’t go into a situation with pre-meditated thoughts and impressions of how he’s already Mr. Wrong. They say couples who are friends first usually have the best relationships. I couldn’t agree more! Go have lunch with that guy you said things could never work out with; he may end up being the best company.


4. Get Out More

Your soulmate is probably not looking for you on Instagram or Facebook. We spend so much time on our phones and on social media that we’ve forgotten how to approach people directly (sn: yes, it’s okay for girls to approach the guy sometimes). Join an organization on campus, go out to campus events, meet friends of friends, or take a stroll through the mall. Try the old fashioned way of meeting new people. It really does all start at “hello.”


5. Don’t Be Afraid

Every girl has had an ex they had to get over; we’ve all had our hearts broken and our trust betrayed at some point in our lives. We never forget, and unconsciously bring that baggage into our future relationships. However, in order to find the right one for us we have to ultimately forgive and forget. Always remember, everything happens for a reason. Every guy is not the same and you still do deserve the best! Never settle, but be open to new things and people. No holding back! 


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