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Life, Love & College: Is He Really “Thirsty”? Thirst vs. Being Genuine

I’m sure you’re all up to date with the new slang of guys being “thirsty.” If you’re not, no worries, I’ve got you covered. Being “thirsty” is the act of excessively lusting over someone in an unflattering manner. In a nutshell, you’re basically a creep and you’re desperate. Whatever the case, it’s crucial that you know the difference between a guy who’s genuine versus a guy who’s thirsty before you send the wrong signal; we don’t want him questioning who you are as a person!

As time has evolved, women hardly ever appreciate compliments given to them by the male species, but why? Nowadays, when a guy shows he wants to get to know a girl, she automatically mistakes it for him “thirsting” over her.

If his approach is correct (and not creepy), he’s polite and genuinely seems interested in getting to know you, chances are he’s a great guy! Actions speak louder than words, so next time a guy reaches out to you, give him a chance; see what his true intentions are. You might just find your prince charming. If you instantly dismiss every guy that shows interest in you, you just might miss out on something good and come off as stuck up, which is never on a list of things to love about a person.




“What’s up?”,

“R u there?”

“Why aren’t u answering me?”  

We’ve all gotten these annoying back-to-back texts before that make us roll our eyes. Some guys simply don’t get the message that 7 unanswered texts probably (not even probably) mean “I don’t want to talk to you.” When they’re annoyingly persistent, they’re thirsty. If a guy drops his number and the emoji with the heart eyes under your Instagram picture, then he’s definitely thirsty.  If he comments on the curve below your waist before the curve on your face, he’s thirsty! If he hits on you by howling or whistling at you when you walk by, thenyou guessed ithe’s thirsty.

Another point I’d like to make is, collegiettes, guys will approach you based on the way YOU carry yourself. Act like a lady and you will get treated as such, unless he just completely lacks common sense (but that’s like majority of the male population, right?). So, make sure the images you are portraying will attract the type of men you want to attract.

To conclude my rant, when it all boils down to it, the thirst goes hand-in-hand with the way he approaches you. If he’s acting like a dog, point him to the water bowl. If he’s sweeter than pie and smoother than silk, give him a try and hear him out! Whether you’ve already realized this or not, it takes a lot out of a guy to approach you or show interest. Be grateful that he thinks you are worthy of getting out of his comfort zone for!

I'm Felicia Burnett! I am a sophomore at Valdosta State University. My major is Exercise Physiology but I have a deep passion for writing!
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