Letter to My Freshman Self

 As I am about graduate college after four years of hard I can’t help but to think back on my entire college experience. There were plenty of good times and bad times, but every experience helped to form me into the woman I am today. Through all of the laughs, cries, stresses, mental breakdowns, and hard work I made it through and in about three weeks I will walk across that stage and graduate from Valdosta State University. There are plenty of things that I wish I knew as a freshman that no one told me, but instead I had to learn on my own.  As a senior if I could go back and tell my freshman self anything I would tell myself this….

                Dear self,

 Always believe in yourself no matter if you have a support system the size of a football team or if you could count them on one hand. You are more than what you ever thought you could be, and for that I am proud. Never allow anyone to get inside your head to the point where you allow their negativity to consume you, and have you doubting your abilities to achieve greatness. Unfortunately, Cs get degrees, and one, two, or three of them will NOT kill you. College is not a walk in the park whatsoever, and you need to be able to stand strong and fight. Do not be embarrassed because you aren’t keeping up with your supposed graduating class. Take your time, everyone learns at their own pace. Friends will most definitely come and go, but it’s those who stand by you through it all, who you will end up walk out with a friendship that will last a lifetime. Being “lowkey” is a good thing. Get to know people, travel, but don’t be afraid to go back into your own personal bubble to clear your mental and be one with your thoughts. College is meant to be a learning experience, it’s meant for you to get to know yourself, and you will make it through.

Regardless of if you are graduating in three weeks or three years, you will make it.