Let's Go Downtown

Living on campus at Valdosta State is a beautiful thing. There is easy access to class buildings, the glorious palm trees, and spending late nights in the library studying. No matter what hall you live in on campus, there are always free events going on and you're always in the know of the happenings on campus. However, living on campus has a downside. Depending on if you have a car or not, you may not get a chance to truly explore the Valdosta area outside of campus. If you're looking for new adventures to go on that showcase a more "homey" side of Valdosta, you should take a walk to Downtown. Downtown Valdosta is only a mile or so from the school and on any day, Downtown is where you want to be. Here is your guide to Downtown Valdosta!

1. First Fridays

First Friday is on every first Friday of the month in Downtown Valdosta. A popular event among small towns, many businesses stay open late, there is live music at different restaurants, and often there is a special event happening near the Courthouse. This is a great way to relax with friends or enjoy some of the culture that Valdosta has to offer. The First Friday for November is November 6th from 6-9pm.

2. Special Events

From the Art Walk that will be happening on December 4th from 5-8pm with wine tastings or the various play productions at the Valdosta Theatre, going to community events allows you to meet great mentors, community members, and friends that you may not have the chance to meet on campus. Getting involved in the community allows you to make connections that enhance and enrich your Valdosta experience.

3. Downtown Valdosta Farm Days

Farm Days are the best days! You get to connect to local farmers and gardeners, while buying fresh produce and making the concious choice to eat healthier! Along with the organic food, there are also local artisans and their work being showcased. The next Farm Day is December 5th from 9am-noon. Have you ever seen the flower garden that is hidden behind a fence, between a few buildings downtown? Go and find it! 

4. Seasonal Events

Who doesn't love a good Christmas parade? Or business decorating their store fronts all in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Have you seen the coffee cups on the windows of Grassroots Coffee Shop? In any community, everyone cherishes the holidays and celebrations that bring us all together to enjoy and support each other in life. Don't miss out on the festive atmosphere and fun decorations! Get downtown for the Christmas Parade & Holiday Open House on December 5th from 10am-7pm. Don't forget to grab a few pictures with the lights on the Courthouse Square either! 

5. Find Your Own Place!

With so many cozy places Downtown, you may find your home at Grassroots, or Bleu Cafe, or Elli's Boutique, the possibilities are endless! From sipping or shopping, to singing and performing, there are many places for you to stop, sit, and take a break from campus life. Make Valdosta your own by finding a spot to call your home away from home!

When you get out into the Valdosta area, Downtown is only the beginning of all the places you can go! Within walking distance of campus, it is the perfect place to find the finer side of Valdosta before you go venturing out beyond the Lowndes County lines. Where ever you go, and what ever you do, just remember that Valdosta can be your home away from home if you choose you make yourself at home.