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Let Me Tell You About My Friend Faith

We go through many moments in our life, that can often take us down the wrong road, leading to more destruction in our souls and mind sets. Once you’re broken, at times it can almost seem like everything is falling apart, nothing matters anymore, and you don’t know when things will work out in your favor. I know I’ve had a fair stroll down that road, and I thought I’d never make it through. I felt stagnant. You can use your imagination when I say I was to the brink of giving up on everything.

During my time of destruction, I looked everywhere for answers. I even tried to seek happiness in people that wouldn’t keep me warm even if I gave them the flame to ignite. I was so close to giving up, until I met Faith. Let me tell you, Faith was so eager to meet me. When we finally got acquainted, she taught me a few things.  I learned a lot about Faith growing up in church, but this was a type of faith that didn’t come from a higher power, rather a new altitude of thinking (Note: Religion isn’t the only source of faith). I began to think “is my obscured outlook hindering my success?” . Faith was instilled in me this entire time and I never knew it. I had to make a few adjustments in order for faith to work at its full threshold. 


Faith by definition is a strong belief or trust in something or someone. I found out that in order to relieve myself from my problems, i had to work on the person I knew best: Shanel. Faith starts with you. Faith starts with altering your way of thinking and beliefs in efforts to replenish and grow. I ultimately switched from potential to kinetic. Instead of saying “I think I can” i began to say “I know I can”.  I found my potential.  I found strength in me I thought I never had, and it propelled me to where I am today. Without Faith, I would probably still be swallowed in the trenches. I lost a lot of people and found myself in return, and I think that is the ultimate win. 


Instead of focusing on the negative outcomes I encountered, I looked at them as learning experiences. I had to stop being mad a people who hurt me. I had to stop crying or grieving over situations I had no control over. Soon, I became thankful for my tribulations because they made me a stronger person. It reassured me that if I can go through all these situations in the past and still remain intact, I can conquer my way through anything. 

I would be lying to you if I told you I still don’t encounter harsh times. These inconveniences still exist, but now I know how to maneuver through the cracks and crevices. I know how to push through because brighter days are sure to come. Faith and I speak very often, and she’s been more than a great friend to me. She saved my life, and is the reason why I am who I am today. 

We all break differently, but one thing that we all have in common is the Faith waiting to be found in our souls. Once you find it, your outlook on life will be much more vivid, you’ll attract good people that care about your health and being, and you’ll be more in tune with your passions and aspirations. You may loose a few friends and habits along the way, and that’s fine. These things were holding you back from the progress you could have made long ago. 

If you feel like you haven’t found faith in yourself, I’m here to let you know your time is coming soon. It’s a matter of self-discipline, reconstruction, self-love, and trusting your struggle.  Trouble doesn’t last always. Allow yourself to let go and grow.

Just your unaverage aspiring writer
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