Lessons in Fashion: Kelly Kapowski

Growing up, I admired Kelly Kapowski's fashion: high-waisted bottoms, flirty colors, bold prints. She was the most popular girl at Bayside High, and rightfully so! While Lisa Turtle was the aspiring fashion designer, it was Kelly who kept it simple, sweet and trendy! The best part: all of these trends are back in style! Here's a few style lessons from Saved by the Bell's Kelly Kapowski!

1. Don't be afraid to wear the same print head-to-toe.

Kelly paired her top with bottoms of the same floral design. This particular look is girly and fun, but this same rule can also apply to solid colors or a night on the town!

2. Bold prints can define your look.

Kelly was certainly no stranger to prints. Most of her outfits involved a pattern of some sort, and it seemed so effortless, yet you couldn't help but notice. Her floral patterns accented her sweet personality, making her that much more lovable! Rock something that complements you!

3. Keeping it classy? Opt for a high-waisted skirt.

This is by far my favorite Kelly Kapowski look; she made high-waisted skirts a fashion staple. And she never shied away from colorful options! You can never go wrong with this look—day or night!

3. It's okay to be consistent in your fashion choices.

Kelly was undoubtedly known for her crop tops and high-waisted bottoms. The style worked for her, she looked comfortable in it, and there was no need to switch it up; it was her signature look. Wear what suits you!

4. Sometimes all you need is an oversized shirt, sleek jeans, and a nice pair of Keds.

Kelly could always be spotted in a pair of Keds. They added to her style without much effort, and always seemed like the perfect option with every outfit. You can look stylish while also dressing comfy for a quick store run or an early morning on campus.

5. Allow your fashion to inspire others!

Kelly's style left a lasting mark and has been an influence to many fashionistas to this day! Keeping it simple and consistent can go a long way! Thanks, Kelly!