Leave Starbucks Alone!

As you know it's November and Holiday cheer is starting to creep it's way into the hearts and minds of us all. Even Starbucks is on board with the debut of a few signature store changes. Now, usually Starbucks is praised for their seasonal options, (think about that Pumpkin Spice Latte), but this year it's a bit different. Chaos has irrupted over a cup, yes, a cup. With November came a new holiday inspired cup design for the company. This is no new phenomenon, Starbucks showcases a new cup design every year, and has done so for quite some time. I know you're wondering "Where's the controversy?" Well, the cup is red this year... Yea, that's literally it. It's red this year, and the cup's solid colored design has sent a few Christians in a tizzy. It's been claimed that this year's cup design is killing Christmas. The solid red appearance alludes nothing of any possible holiday. Though the meaning of Christmas has never been found in the bottom of a coffee cup, many suggest that the design is meant to exclude Christmas all together. This made me wonder what the other cup designs were like. I mean, if people felt the cup was literally tearing apart a holiday then the previous designs must've solely portrayed Christmas related designs, right? I decided to do a little research on it. I present to you every holiday cup made thus far (by Starbucks at least):


Sure it says "It only happens once a year," but that could literally be any holiday. ANY HOLIDAY! 


This designs shows the silhouettes of holiday shoppers. Wow. People shop all the time for every holiday. EVERY HOLIDAY. This doesn't scream Christmas.


"Pass the cheer," such a sweet sentiment that can be said at any time and doesn't allude to Christmas at all actually.


This design kind of just show what it looks like outside around this time. Wow. 


So, when did charms, ornaments, and trees become exclusive only to Christmas?


The woman on the cup is looking for snow. Not for baby Jesus.


People singing, yea they could be signing about Christmas, but there's nothing that says it so don't assume.


Wow, a snowman winking. Where's the crime?!


Random. Shapes. That. Don't. Tell. Me. Anything. About. A. Certain. Holiday.


More shadowy shapes and boxes, way less nativity scene if you ask me.



As a Christian I don't understand the big deal about the cup this year. There have been no cups that blantantly screamed Christian Christmas. I'm happy that Starbucks is inclusive of all holiday cheer. I wish more people would be happy that the franchise doesn't want to profit off of a religion and/or a religious holiday. I'm proud of the company for standing by their decision. It's selfish to want everything to be centered around Christmas. Believe it or not everyone doesn't celebrate the holiday. Starbucks is doing a great thing by making the cup more inclusive than ever, so leave them alone! Plus, red is a nice color.