A Lazy Girls Guide to Spring Cleaning

Do you like to clean? For me specifically cleaning relieves stress. As Spring has already approached us, it is that time that we get our deep cleaning done either around the house or our rooms. Distinctley, I wanted to focus simply on dorm or room cleaning since most of us college girls live in the dorms or student apartments. If you are the typical lazy girl like me, then these uncomplicated steps are perfect for you to accomplish your spring cleaning. We all love a deep cleaning of our personal space and want to sleep in a nice, relaxing, dust-free room. 

The first step to my lazy girls guide is to do a trash run. Grab a trash bag and go around your throwing away plastic bottles, empty cartons, mail and basically all trash. Throw all that negativity in the dumpster. Once all the trash is cleared and taken out, rest for about 10 minutes. The next step, is to spend the next three hours doing laundry, includiing your bed sheets and covers. Make sure you have all clean clothes. Clean out your dressers and put away the clothes you never wear in storage. Make sure to wipe down your drawers with disinfected wipes and fold your clothes and put them away. After that has been done, spray your bed with disinfected spray and put your new clean sheets right on your bed and spray it again. Subsequent, the next part of this guide is to clean the desk with all the clutter on it. Take everything off your desk, put important papers in folders, wipe off your desk and reorganize it, including the drawers. Last but not least, do a sweep and vacum.

Lastly, SPRAY your entire room and open your windows and let fresh air come it.

This might seem like a lot of work however, if this lazy girl A.K.A me can do it, so can you. It's best to do this on a saturday or sunday whatever day where your schedule is completely free and open. You will feel so much better. Spring cleaning brightens your day. Most of all, when you are all done, sit back and relax. You have truly accomplished your goal, so give yorself a pat on the back. 

Until next Spring!