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Kendrick Lamar’s New Album Release Date Is Here

For all you Kendrick Lamar fans out there, the wait is finally over! Recently, the rapper announced that his album will be released March 23rd, a little under two weeks from now!

Kendrick Lamar is most famous for his hit songs “Swimming Pools,” “Poetic Justice,” and many others. The Compton, California native was even crowned and passed along a torch from hip hop legends Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog. It’s a major accomplishment for a new artist to be so widely accepted by old school rappers! This was definitely one of many accolades to come from Lamar.

According to Complex Magazine, the album apparently has no album artwork. If you are familiar with Kanye West’s last album “Yeezus,” the “no album artwork” theme may be familiar. Yeezy’s album was literally a clear CD case displaying a blank compact disc. Kendrick is known for not longing for fame, but trying to reach out to his fans while changing lives through his music. In a way, taking away the album artwork will force his listeners to focus solely on the content of the product rather then the aesthetics!

The album is to consist of 16 tracks, including his most recent and controversial song “ The Blacker The Berry.” Surprisingly, the quite popular track “I” released last year, did not make the cut for the album.  Seems like the rapper is going by his own rules for his greatly anticipated sophomore album!


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