Just Ranting

I just need to rant about my life for a few minutes. If y'all good with that, then let's go.

I have a lot of friends or you could say a lot of people that I want to hang out with, and I want to hang with all of them. This week I was asked by three or more people because of all the homecoming parties. I don't have a car or know about parties as much. I find out about parties through other people, so I am not the one to ask about going to a party. I have my best friend/closest friend Nat that I hang out with almost every day. She didn't feel like going to the parties or she had the stuff to do, and I couldn't go without her unless I am with other people that I am comfortable with. I kinda didn't want to go to the parties either and I have 8 AMs to worry about, but I did have fun during the day with the other homecoming festivities. I love hanging out with her because we just get each other and we are into kinda the same thing. I have a group of friends I met over the summer and we would hang out during the school year but mostly on weekends. They ask me every now and again to hang out, but I will be busy. I make plans on Sunday for the rest of the week, and they are getting to me last minute. I have no problem with that, and I need to make more effort to hang with them. But they have a group chat that I am not in and it won't let me in, so I miss a lot of the stuff that is going on. And you can't expect me to hang out with y'all if you don't let me know, you know? I love hanging out with them, and I have fun every time. I hope that we can find a better system to fix the situation. I was also asked by my old roommate to go out with her this week, and it didn't happen but we are okay. When we would hang out everyday as roommates and friends, we were great together with some bumps in the road, but we learned from them by talking to each other and giving each other space to breathe. That is what I love about our relationship. We can go without seeing each other and be okay, but when we do hang out it's just like we were never apart. She is really cool and we have fun so everything is good there. It can be hard to have a lot of friends and balance all of it--your classes, homework, events, eating, sleeping and friends. I need to get better at it by talking to my friends more, but they need to try being more understanding. I love them all and appreciate what they bring to my life. So the moral of the story is that balance, understanding and communication are key to getting everything you want.