Just Because She's a Friend, Doesn't Mean She's a Sister.

Now, before we start, I would first like to say that there is no shame in being a friend. Sisters and friends can often hold the same status, it’s just a different commitment level. Same as a boyfriend and husband! Both fantastic things to have (maybe not at the same time, but I’m no judge)!

So let’s start with friends. Friends, by definition, are persons one has a mutual bond of affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations.

A sister is described as a thing that bears a relationship to another of common allegiance or mutual association.

Friends may bond over the same likings, such as food, television shows, or interests! A sister, however, is of greater commitment! A sister has shared life experiences. A union between two women that bears a great home for empathy, commitment, and understanding. Friends don’t know their limits, often because they don’t know you well enough to truly be there for you when needed, but a sister does.


They’re both important to have in your life, but need not be mistaken for the other. Often we expect too much from friends and end up disappointed for reason or the other, but a sister isn’t as easily swayed as a friend!