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Hello beautiful humans!

We all have those close friends that we love and spend every second with. Spending so much time with them may be full of fun and laughter. No matter how fun it all is, you all still need your space. Sometimes friends can add to the stress that you may have instead of being your source of relief. It is ok to ask for space. Asking for space doesn’t mean that you are ending the friendship or that you love them any less. It just shows that you need time for you to recharge and get back to yourself.

When asking for space, make sure that you reassure them that you have no intention of ending your friendship. Romantic relationships or even platonic friendship relationships all deserve boundaries. Once those boundaries are set in to place and you as well as your friend are comfortable with those boundaries, you both can have the space you need and the alone time that you need.

In your friendships, you matter as well as your alone time. Don’t feel bad for putting yourself first. If you do find your self feeling bad, think of it like this: Once you have that time to be by yourself and recharge, your friendships and or romantic relationships will become stronger. You are relaxed as well as they are.

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Eriana Jones

Valdosta '22

Hello Beautiful people! My name is Eriana Jones! I am a junior at Valdosta State University and I am a Musical Theater major. I want to keep the arts alive and touch the lives of others. 
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