It's Hard to Let Go

Often times, we put ourselves within a relationship that goes from butterflies and rainbows to rainy days and tears. As time goes by, so many things happen in a relationship that cause us to end up in a bad place, but the problem with so many people in this generation, myself included, is that we don't know how to let go of those who bring toxic energy into our lives. 

Now, I'm not speaking in terms of just a relationship, this applies towards friendships, the people you work with, family members. So many people in your life are capable of bringing negative energy towards you, but are you capable of it letting go.  As I am typing this article, I'm beginning to feel that we sometimes don't let go out of fear.

When it comes to a relationship, if two people are in a place where they begin to question why they are together, then that should be the first sign that maybe a discussion needs to be had about where this relationship is headed. However, if you and your loved one decide to ignore that feeling that the end may be near, then in the end you will just be wasting time. You might find reasons as to why your still with the person to validate the relationship, but deep down if you know that this is not who you want to be with you're just wasting time, and honestly I can't help someone or offer advice to someone who wants to leave a relationship, but doesn't want to make it known to their partner that they don't want to leave the relationship. I say that because ultimately, problems will just start popping up left right once a relationship has reached this point, and in the end it's only going to end up hurting you more than the other person all because you will not let this person go.

Now of course there are other factors that play a role in why someone just can't up and leave a person. I get it! The amount of time you've been together plays a role, what you went through in the relationship plays a role. Trust me...I get it! It's just not as easy to get up and leave, but I want to ask you: Is someone else worth your happiness? Is someone else worth losing out on someone else who may be out there that can provide you with what you really need in life? Is someone else worth the emotional stress that you will deal with everyday? If you can answer no to all of these questions, then pack your bags and move onto the next one.

Now letting go family, isn't so easy. In fact its 10x harder just because of the simple fact that they are your family. They're the ones that raise you, feed you, put clothes on your back, give you money when needed. So to let them go and no look back, is exactly as hard as it sounds. However, the process to letting go of a family doesn't take as long IF you're not afraid of what this means for your future, but you simply just have to put your foot down, tell them how you feel, and if you don't see results then simply walk away and leave that family member in the past. It's hard I know, but sometimes you have to put your happiness and the love that you have for yourself above all others.

Lastly, there's friendships. Friendships can be complicated to end, especially if you're a worrier like me, then you tend to consider others rather than yourself when it comes to ending a friendship that also consist of other people. You don't want to mess up the bond that the group has built. You don't want to start drama. You don't want anyone else to try and make you feel guilty for wanting to get rid of this friend. There's so much that goes through your head, but if your friendship consist of more than one person then I'm pretty sure that your group has that one friend that always keeps it real no matter what. However if you're a loner, and you only have that one friend that your keeping simply out of fear of being alone then just simply let them go and focus on yourself and your confidence. 

The common denominator that prevents people from moving on from certain relationships, is fear. We live in fear of what we should do next, or life after the relationship we ended. However, I want to encourage you to get excited. Lately, I've been excited about taking new journey's. I've been excited about cutting people off and making room for more uplifting things to come into my life. Life should be lived in excitement, not out of fear of what's to come next.