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It’s 2015. Let Old Habits Die Hard

Spring semester is taking off and everyone wants to do just as good if not even better this time around. The New Year Resolutions have been made which has ushered in new mentalities, attitudes, and goals. For a few weeks these new mantras take over our lives and everything seems anew; until we get back to our houses, apartments, and dorms. Then syllabus week is over, the work starts piling up the second week in, and party invites solicited via Yik Yak get so many up votes that it sounds like a good idea to go. 

But what happened to that attitude of forward thinking and getting your work done ahead of time so those parties won’t seem like such a bad idea? Or budgeting so you can buy all that expensive healthy food and bypass the Tapingo app to jump the line at Chick-fil-A? I don’t really know either; between leaving my parent’s house and getting comfortable in my own place these wonderful ideas become a distant blurry memory.

Whether it’s the convenience factor, the lack of funds some of us face before direct deposit blesses us, or even the inability to pay attention to things that we pay for (such as a college education), we’re all adults here, or at least aspiring to be, so it’s time to let some of these old bad habits die hard!

Nobody knows better than me how hard it may be just for these old and bad habits to die. But they can and they will with the right mentality and effort on your part. Most of us know our strengths and weaknesses but unfortunately for some of us our perceptions are sometimes a bit blurry. 

Don’t be afraid to clean your glasses off, something I do multiple times a day, step out into the light and start something new. And by start I mean stick to as well. One of my favorite quotes was said by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.” We all get a little lost and stuck in old ways but its 2015 for crying out loud! It’s about time we start heading in a more progressive direction, and there is nothing wrong with stumbling along the way!

Valdosta State University senior, majoring in Public Relations with a minor in African-American studies.  Food connoisseur, beauty sleep expert, binge watching aficionado, and avid art consumer. 
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