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Issa Rae Pitches Idea for Black Version of “90210”

Issa Rae, creator of our favorite late night special “Insecure” on HBO has another show idea up her sleeve. In a recent interview with The New Yorker, Issa revealed to the world that she wants to create the black version of the original hit TV series “90210.” Here we are anxious sitting at the edge of our seats trying to figure out what’s going to happen next on “Insecure,” and just when we thought it couldn’t get any better Issa hits us with this. In many TV shows where the majority of the cast is black, they seem to always be depicted as poor kids in the hood from broken homes; while that may be a reality for some teens, it’s not the case for all. There are families with both parents present and involved in the household, and it would be nice to see more suburban black families doing well for themselves for a change. Issa stated that there hasn’t been an all-black teen show since “Moesha” and she plans to retire that notion and bring positive black shows for teens back to tv. In her pitch, she dropped a few names that could possibly be titles for her new show. It wouldn’t be “Beverly Hills 90210,” it would be more like Ladera Heights 90041, 90043 Windsor Hills, or 20854 Potomac Maryland. We’re not sure when this show will make its debut, but we do know whenever the show does come to light we’re all eyes and ears cause we know Issa will be sure to deliver!


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