An Intersectional Dilemma

Believe it or not women aren't treated equally to men, and believe it or not we're mad about it! The burden of inequality has affected every facet of our being as women; our pay, body image, the way we view each other, etc. We've been plagued by the disease that is inequality, and our entire existence has been consumed with finding a cure.

It's safe to say that women are an extremely oppressed group but all women don't experience oppression in the same capacity. We all have womanhood in common, but we can't group all women together and continue to ignore our differences in the same breath. We must shed light on the intersections that make up our group. 

Intersectionality by definition is the study of intersections between forms or systems of oppression, domination, or discrimination. Now, take that definition and apply it to feminism! We all experience oppression, but the ways we are oppressed vary due to things like our socioeconomic status, age, race, and ethnicity. Think of it this way: A white women will never experience how a black woman is continually oppressed, and a black woman will never understand exactly how a trans-woman is oppressed. In short, yes we are women, but we are different and experience a totally different life based on all of the things that make us unique. What a beautiful tragedy! 

It's wonderful and awesome that feminism has become such a mainstream cause— chock full of hashtags, social media trends, and famous faces down to ride. BUT a lot of what we see focuses on the problems of white women, and that's not so wonderful and awesome. We must be all inclusive to the needs of all women. Luckily, we can combat our habitual exclusivity and fight for everyone that makes our minority so special and diverse by doing a few simple things. 

Remember that feminism is for everyone! You should always be aware of the privileges you're allotted, and what they prevent you from experiencing. You can try looking at things through a much broader spectrum. It's a known fact that women are paid 78 cents compared to the man's dollar, but that is only for white women. In reality, black women make less than white women, and hispanic women make even less than black women. 

Always think “things may suck for me, but what woman has it worse? How can I help them?” Use your privilege and the power that comes with it to fight for all causes! You may make less than a man, but fight for the women that make even less than you. That's feminism, fighting for everyone's causes and not just your own. Again, feminism is for everyone! 

You should also make it a point to listen to your fellow women. Having a home is a privilege that many women aren’t afforded. My having a home gives me a leg up in society that women who are homeless can't identify with. I must take it upon myself to listen to my fellow woman and understand her story because I’ve never been, and hopefully, never will be homeless. By educating myself I can use my privilege to properly educate people and fight for her causes as well as my own. You can't fight for something you have no idea about! 

All in all, true feminism means to have each other’s back. We must look out for other women in order to experience true equality. We’re on our way! Just look at the progress we’ve made! Our beautiful, amazing, awesome, and completely diverse group full of unique, stupendous, and wonderful intersections of women will continue to make way. The more educated we become on the struggles we all experience, the closer we’ll become, and the closer we’ll get to the equality we so righteously deserve!