Interesting Traits To Love About A Pisces

Everybody get ready, the cosmos are in line and ready for the season of Pisces. Pisces are born between February 18 and March 20, and is known to be the most mysterious and vivid zodiac sign.  A Pisces sign resemble two fish swimming in different directions, for their dual nature. They are ruled by planet Neptune, the God of the Seas. This zodiac sign stands out from the rest for many of reasons. Here are some amazing traits that make Pisces so unique! 


  1. Filled with empathy:I find that almost every other Piscean I meet has a lot of empathy for others. They have the ability to sense and feel other peoples feelings. The down part of that is that they can often times make someone else's problem a problem of their own. Most water signs (Cancer and Scorpio) carry this trait as well. 
  2. The daydreamersA Pisces lives in two worlds: reality and their own. Majority of the time, they stay in their own world until they feel that its time to check back into reality. This can be distracting, especially when there are tasks to be done. But a Pisces can manage to stay on task, even if they have to catch up. 
  3. Impressive artists Whether it be in drawing, music, or writing, Pisceans have an impressive type of inclination for making use of their imagination. They love to express their mind through art! 
  4. Always willing to help othersSince they're so empathetic, they will do anything to help people out. They'll even go out of their way to ensure that the other person has their problem solved. 
  5. Compassionate and social natureIt's not everyday that you find someone that's kind and compassionate in their nature. Pisceans just want everyone to be happy at the end of the day. Even better than that, we can talk all day about anything. Because of their friendly nature, people find comfort in approaching them, and talk like they've been best friends for years! As another bonus, Pisces are also great listeners. 
  6. Your natural idealistThis one might be the best trait. A Pisces is guided by ideas, which makes them very intellectual and spiritually inclined. In their daydream realms, they search for ideas and answers to help create a more vivid surrounding. 
  7. Suckers for loveA Pisces is no more than a hopeless romantic at times. Pisceans get so caught up in their self-induced fairy tales that they get hurt when their expectations aren't met. Instead of letting the situation go, they'd rather wait for the person to change. For some, it may be hard to move on, but once they do, they become a new and improved person.

It's safe to say that knowing a Pisces can be a great and interesting thing. They are the last of the zodiac cycle, but their water element explains why they're smooth and adaptive to their surroundings. They are amazing people to be around, and there is definitely never a dull moment around them.