I'm Almost There

There are so many things in life that I want to accomplish and have under my belt. My main goal since I was a child was to become a Marine Biologist. I can't swim that well, but I have always wanted to be around animals more than people. 

My current major is Mass Media. At first, I thought this was the best thing for me not because I wanted to pursue media, but because my family had convinced me that with my media background from elementary school to now, they wanted something I could do to be my passion. Now that this is my senior year and graduation is literally next semester, I have realized that over these past four years I have shaped and adapted to always find a way to do something I love. I reached out to networks like Discovery to pursue what I loved in animals and nature. Hopefully, nature photography in order to still be around what makes my heart beat a little bit faster. 

Mass Media has taught me that there are so many things that you can do in one field, however, college has taught me that all of the many things that I want to do, I cannot get from one major, no matter how broad it may be. 

I have always been a woman with a plan for everything and even the days I may have been a bit unsure, I knew how to start and how I wanted to end. Earlier in the semester, I was told I was not on track for graduation and would graduate Fall 2020. I mentally prepared for the classes I would have to take and the years left I would have at VSU. Last month, my new advisor came and basically shook my entire world. When my graduation date was moved up to where I would not be graduating on time, the plans I had for myself had now been altered. Instead of having an extra year or so with my organizations, I now have to find someone to pass the torch to. I now have to look for jobs and where to live. Which if I do say so myself, I put entirely too much pressure on trying to get out of Clayton County so soon. My dream location is Seattle and I thought for a long time after graduation I had to be engaged or at least on the way to it and at some fancy job miles away. After I took those pressures off of myself, took a breather, and actually enjoyed the view of all that I have accomplished and so much more that I want to do. I stopped putting an expiration date on things that could change in the blink of an eye.

Now, I am still looking forward to moving to Seattle at some point and Discovery Channel is still where I will be, but for right now I'm taking my time because I am almost exactly where I want to be and right now exactly where I need to be.