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My energy is exactly what the title of this article is. For me, college is just a stepping stone of life I have to pass in order to get exactly where I want to be and right now this journey is taking entirely too long. I don’t care about these boring events, nor do I care about these people who do things for clout and credibility. Your 2K retweets mean nothing to me, sweetie. I thought college was a period of growth and self-awareness, but as I look around I feel like I’m such surrounded by people who are content with being content. Mediocrity exudes on this campus and it’s draining. 

More people are concerned with being twitter famous and being under every Frat, rather than getting their degree and being great in life. It’s scary when everyone around you is content with being content and I’m the one that gets looked at crazy. No one should be okay with staying in Valdosta for multiple years and still doing the same things they did freshman year now. You should not be okay with being at every on-campus event and your graduation date keeps getting pushed back. 

Do you know my mom would kill me if I EVER had graduation postponed because I was at every Kappa function. I knew you were suppose to have fun in college, but y’all a different breed and I’m starting to realize we were never on the same page. I know some people that get sloppy drunk and smoke every day, but fail tests like it’s they 9 to 5. College is temporary and some people I see treat it like this is the best thing out.

You’re praised for your pictures of you going to a class you missed bout a month of? How Sway?! Where are your internships, your job interviews, you listen to God’s Plan like God actually had this plan for you to be in college 6 years plus. I’m tired of fake smiling and talking to people I don’t care about. I’m tired of people looking at me like I’m crazy when I only go out to go to class, get food, or take pictures.

The best people on this campus get overlooked by people who will never be on the same level. That’s confusing to me. It’s alot of fake support and fraud friendships on this campus and when it’s said VSU not the same no more and you get defensive, you’re probably the problem. So I don’t care to have these fake conversations anymore, I do not care to indule in your gossip of who slept with who and which body somebody caught, passed, and swapped. I do not care to have small talk conversations because let’s be honest, you probably only talk to me for some fake uninteresting reason. So a slight PSA, if it’s not actually important, beneficial to my life or yours and you are not top 10 on my list of I actually care about you, byke up.


Valdosta State Senior, Mass Media Major
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