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How to Transform Your Summer Favorites to Fall Fashions

Fall is just around the corner ladies! Time to look through your closet and pull out your favorite pair of ankle boots. As the seasons change so does the fashion, but that doesn’t mean you have to go shopping every time the temperature shifts. There are plenty of ways to make the clothes you already have work throughout the year. Adding a couple of signature accessories can turn your summer hits into fall styles.

Here are some tips for transforming your summer wardrobe:

Add a scarf: Scarves are both cheap and very chic for fall. Adding a scarf to your outfit can make your summer outfits look more warm and cozy. There are many different kinds of scarves; from sheer, knit or even cashmere you are bound to find the right one for you.

Tights never hurt anyone: Yes ladies tights!! No, we are not talking about the kind your grandmother wears, but the ones that come in all different shades and prints. Adding a cute pair of tights under your summer mini can transform it from summer sun to fall fun.

Can’t forget about cardigans: Cardigans are essential to fall fashion. You can match a spaghetti strapped blouse with a cardigan and you are ready for the fall breeze. Whether you have tons of funky cardigans or just that one signature sweater- your fall fashions will be on point.

Layers, Layers, and More Layers: When it comes to transforming your summer trends to fall, layers are everything. Whether layering with a scarf or even adding a belt to dress, it all makes a difference. With a drop in temperature, the more layers the better. But when you are layering don’t be afraid to add a little color!

With these tips you are sure to turn heads this fall!



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