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How to Survive Pollen Season

Here, in South Georgia when it is even remotely close to being springtime, pollen begins to attack every surface that it comes in contact with. Everything outside is now yellow, and now you can barely walk outside without struggling to breathe or without continuously sneezing every second. Allergies around this time of year are the absolute worst, but after suffering way too long I have found a few tips to help keep my allergy flare ups to a minimum. Keep reading to find out a few of my tips, so that you can survive pollen season.

Stay Indoors

Pollen is literally everywhere. All surfaces are now yellow and you cannot step foot outside without coming in contact with pollen in some kind of way. Staying indoors more often is a good way to help prevent a flare up. No outdoors = No pollen = No allergies.

Take a Shower ASAP

If you have been outdoors then pollen particles are covering you from head to toe. Some can be seen and some cannot. This is because pollen particles are smaller than one strand of human hair. Because of this, it is suggested that once you are back indoors then you should immediately remove your clothing and take a shower. This way the pollen isn’t lingering around your home or on you.

Medication Is Your Best Friend

Make sure to stay supplied with your necessary allergy medications. This way if you feel an allergy flare up coming you can quickly stop it in its tracks before if fully starts up. Also, it is a good idea to take your allergy medication daily so that it can build up within your body, so you are easily capable of fighting off pollen attacks before even one sniffle.

Hopefully these tips work for you as they have for me. Good luck this pollen season.



Hillary Griffin is a Business Marketing major and Advertising and Promotions minor at Valdosta State University. She is a 4'11, natural haired girl with a love for all things makeup. Experiencing life the right way is her main goal in life.
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