How to Survive a Concert

Going to a concert is one of the best experiences to have. Imagine seeing an artist or band you’ve listened to for years and hearing all the songs you know all the words to. As a concert guru myself, I’ve seen a variety of artists live from Mac Miller, Chance the Rapper, the 1975 and more. I have accumulated some insider tips on how to survive a concert, whether it’s a high energy mosh pit or a chill laid back show. 

1). Invite a Great Group of Friends

Please choose your concert group accordingly. Do not choose to invite someone you know who won’t enjoy the full concert experience. One of the best parts of concerts is waiting in line. Waiting in line for concerts is the best opportunity to meet new friends who love the same thing you do. Every concert I’ve attended I’ve met so many new people and still follow them on social media. You need friends who won’t mind waiting and won’t complain the whole time. You should also choose friends that aren’t flaky and are able to go through with plans. No one likes not being prepared and having to drop out of the concert at the last minute. Trust me on this, having people who you love and can let loose with adds to your concert experience.

2). Add Up All Your Expenses

Depending on who you see and the location, concert tickets can be expensive. Before buying that concert ticket, make sure you have enough money for not only the ticket but also transportation, food, and hotels or Airbnbs. If you’re traveling to another city for a concert the first thing you will need is gas money. The great thing about going with a group of friends is that all transportation and food costs will be split evenly.  You also want to check out all the prices of hotels or Airbnbs if you plan on staying overnight. Staying somewhere makes it easier and more comfortable after a concert, that way you aren’t rushing to get back on the road at night. Make sure you add in the expense of food. You cannot go to a concert on an empty stomach. You’ll need the fuel.

3). Things to Pack in Your Bag

A lot of places won’t let you carry a big bag inside the venue or require bags to be clear if they are allowed. Going to concerts can be an all-day event. You need some necessities on hand so you’re always prepared. A few things you'll need are portable chargers, hand sanitizer, gum, cash, chapstick, and a bottle of water to drink while you wait in line. You want to be prepared at all times. My phone died halfway into a show; and although I was able to live in the moment, I wasn’t able to record all my favorite songs performed. Having these necessities will make the experience waiting for the show and during the show a lot easier. 

4). Let Loose

When you enter the show, the people around you can be intimidating. If you’re on the floor, you’re definitely going to be packed like a can of sardines. You may be worried about people hearing you sing or seeing you dance if you’re not so great in those areas. Trust me when I say, no one cares. No offense, but people paid money to see the artist, not you. Go ahead and dance and sing your heart out. You deserve to have the best experience. Live in the moment and don’t let the opinions from someone else stop you from enjoying the show.

Well, there it is folks! There’s a few concert tips that I’ve picked up on along the way. Enjoy!