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How to Survive a Breakup

All break ups aren't easy. But all break up are not always bad nor hard.

Majority of the time though, we lose it. Some aren't sure what to do, some aren't sure how or why it happened, and some even say they cant move on. Well guess what, it happened for a reason, or even a season(little rhyme joke) and the next thing you need to do is not move, but learn how to get over this break up.

1. Let whatever emotion you have inside, out.

Yes, let it out. The first step to surving is not to pretend you are fine and hold it all in. It will kill you later down the line. Let it out. Cry. Express your emotions. Cryng may reduce the stress that you have and it'll definitely reduce the pain. 

2. Cut off all ties

Yeah, it may be nice continueing to talk to your ex about your life from time to time, maybe even tag them in post that you think is funny to keep the frienship strong but why? 5/10 (this was a ratio i came up alone do not qoute me) relationships don't start up as friendships, just "can i have your number?", or whatever guys say these days, and things go from there. You all weren't friends in the beginning, why try now? And if you all dont want hate, just be cordial. Speak when seen, but not when want to be notced. Also get rid of the memories!! Do not look through old pictures, messages, and/or posts.

3. Try new things and stay busy

We usually catch ourselves only thinking about ex when we really aren't doing anything or not interested in what is happening around you, like a broring class. Well how about trying new things. Go to a new mall and get something nice, a new smoothie place, or get out there!. See new faces and places and meet new people. This is a new begininng whether you know it not. This is a time to better yourself.

4. Become closer with you

Often times relationships do not work becasue of doubts. One person, or both people, have doubts about the other person, the relationship, or themselves. Whatever it may be, take this time to learn yourselves and maybe even what not to do in your next relationship. Take this time to really get to know yourself, what you do and do not like, what you wil and will not tolerate, what you will and will not do. And learn self-love. Nobody can love someone who doesnt love themselves.

5. Give youself a make over, BE FREE!

Change your hairstyle!! Change your style!! Do everthing to yourself that your partner may not have agreed with!!

6. Be kind

Do not try to act tough and hate your ex partner when you see them, If you do want to hurt them, hurt them with kindness (but lets not, they aren't worth the time).


Saabirah Breneus attends Valdosta State University. She is a junior majoring in mass media with hopes to become a new anchor. Saabirah is from Boston, MA but now lives in Jonesboro, GA. She is an amazing dancer, who also enjoys writing and telling stories very much. Saabirah loves being center of attention with all eyes on her.
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