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How To Save Money When Shopping

When shopping, do you look for coupons or deals before you pay full price for items? Do you look at the tags when you shop or do you just pick up an item and go with what ever you are able to find? Do you try to save money when shopping or do you over spend? This article will help you save money when shopping! Have a go for it and learn some new and different ways on how to keep money when shopping.


Why shop in expensive stores when you can make your one stop shop in a thrift store. When thrfiting you should always take your time to search for whatever you are looking for. These stores are noramally huge so you can’t rush when looking for something in particular. They have a wide range of items in these stores as far as clothes, shoes, belts, furniture, kitchen supplies, toys, hangers, bags, etc. Some people may not like the thought of thrifting because they dont have patience to look but most people love and enjoy to thrift especially if they can save money. Sometimes you can find the things that you will find in an expensive store right here in any thrift store. Just be patient and take your time when looking and your experience will be great when shopping in thift shops.

2 Shop When The Season Is Out

Shopping when the season is out maybe a great idea when trying to find new items. When buying in the summer for the winter and vice versa, you are sure to find lower prices. Shopping off season can help you save more money even when you may not think you won’t. After season everything will be marked down and you could possibly get everything at a sale price. Who doesn’t love sales?

3. Make A Shopping List

Make a shopping list can be helpful in so many ways! This way you can avoid over spending and picking up things that you do not need.There is a certain “rule” or “slogan” as people would call it when using a shopping list and it is that you can’t pick up anything extra when shopping. You have to go by this list and can’t buy anything outside of it. This helps with keeping you within your budget and what you have to spend to a minimum. 

Compare Stores

Most people compare prices of different stores when shopping to see who has the better price. Even when using coupons, you can check the price of the item to see who has it marked cheaper. Comparing the prices of items in different stores can save you lots of money unless you aren’t too concerned with what the price is. Who doesn’t love cheaper prices and saving money. Take this time to think about items you would need at the store, look over the prices that they are at various stores and compare prices.

I hope that you all have learned how to save money when grocery or clothing shopping. Save money the best way you can by using some of these tips to help you out!




My name is Aaliyah Thomas. I attend Valdosta State University and I am a junior studying Middle Grades Education. I like to sing and take pictures! I own a sunglasses business called Nia Shades Collection and this is my first year being in HerCampus!
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