How To Save the Environment as a Broke College Student

When I was first introduced to recycling, so much of it was not tangible for my budget. Who has the money to transition from using toilet paper to installing a bidet In my home? Definitely not me. I’m sure you all can agree. But alas! There are more ways to save and save the planet without breaking the bank. I’m here to tell you!


1. Invest In A Water Bottle

  • Instead of buying single beverage containers, such as plastic water bottles, buy a reusable (preferably recycled) water bottle and use it forever!  They come in super cute colors and even give you the appearance of someone more responsible, healthy, and savvy all while saving the planet!


2. Wash small clothing items by hand

  • Do not run that washer machine with approximately thirteen socks and four pairs of undies. It is a waste of energy, water, detergent, and time. Wash them in your sink and might even have a better chance of them being clean. It will even make your clothing last longer!


3. Buy Cloth Shopping Bags

  • All those plastic bags being used for your 9 minute drive back home and then you trash them only for them to be thrown in landfills undecomposed. Save the planet by cutting those out of your process completely! Usually, I go the canvas route because they are sturdy!


4. Check out the nearest local market for consumables that are zero waste.

  • All that packaging for your food is super detrimental to our planet and there are places that cut those options out for you! So, get to farmer’s market and start today. Your new healthy body will also thank you! They are usually much cheaper as well.


5. Buy reusable batteries!

  • This is a great one! Batteries have started selling for only a bit more money and they’re rechargeable! Now you don’t have to trash your batteries every time they run out of juice AND you don’t have to feel pain and sadness knowing they’re contributing to our landfills.


6. Buy and Trade Used Clothing.

  • Purge that closet and invest in cheaper, lightly used clothing from sites and thrifts store dedicated to second hand clothing!

I know being committed to saving our planet can be taxing, but you can do it! I’m already proud of you. Mother Earth thanks you. HCXO!