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How to Pick The Right Swimsuit

Its swimsuit seasons ladies! That’s right it’s time to show some skin. As you plan your summer getaways it’s time to find a new swim suit to hit the shores, but before you hit the racks you should consider what style bathing suit is best for you. Whether you are curvy or have an athletic shape there is a bathing suit for you.

Pear Shape: For ladies with curvy hips and a small torso. The tips for finding a great swim suit for you is to balance your proportions. Look for a thin banded bottom that sits right at your hips. Avoid boy shorts or thick banded bottoms. The thick material will draw more attention to your bottom half. When looking for a top look for a more dramatic top, maybe a plunging neck line or a fringe top.

Upside Down Triangle (busty): Your main focus when it comes to a swim suit is supporting the girls. Look for swim suits with thicker straps and molded cups preferably with under wire. Stay away from tops with ruffles and/or embellishments. For bottoms, a high waist bottom would be cute or even boy shorts. More material on your bottom half will balance out your top.

Curvy: For ladies with symmetric hips or/ and full bust, you want to highlight your curves and still have coverage and support. Stray away from stringy bathing suits. Opt for asymmetrical one pieces or thick banded tops and bottoms. If you want to exaggerate your curves then stringy bathing suits and monokinis are the way to go. Also, color blocking your top with your bottom is great for highlighting your shape.

Athletic Shape: This is for ladies with a slim and toned shape. Playing up your girlish figure is the best way to go when it comes to swim suits. Look for bold prints, ruffles and embellishments. Side ties and small banded bottoms will give your waist a curvy illusion. Monokinins also can give you the shapely appearance you desire.

Apple Shape: If you carry most of your weight in you torso high waist bathing suits, tankinis and one piece suits are your best choice. Ruffled or wrapping fabrics are best when looking for a one piece. The gathering of material in your mid-section slims your waist line and your tummy. Tankini tops should flow or have some form of wrapping around your mid-section. If you’re interested in hiding your lower stomach a trendy high waist bottom can help.


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