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How To Overcome a Bad Morning

I hate waking up feeling like today will be such a bad day. I fear going to school and everybody asking me “what’s wrong?” Sometimes people really don’t know! It could be a bad dream we had, maybe we woke up too early, or just one of those blah days. Who really knows? The next time you open your eyes and step out of the bed, try doing these 5 steps to overcome your bad morning. 

1. Take a nice long shower


Whatever temperature you love in the shower (normally steaming hot will get me up and feeling a little better), put on your favorite album, playlist, or pandora station. Gospel may uplift your spirit the most but whatever type of music gets you up and feeling amazing, play it and sing EVERY song like you were doing a concert. Your spirit will surely begin uplifting and your mood will change. 

2. Wear something nice

Dress to impress! Don’t put on sweats and a big shirt or gym clothes. I mean get SEXY OR HIGH FASHION, girl! Wear all  of your flashy jewelry. Wear the shoes you said were special. Yeah, the ones in the back. BRING THOSE OUT! When you look good, you tend to feel good. You’ll receive compliments right to left and that’ll really put a smile on your face.

3. Be around people

Don’t stay at home and away from people because you woke up in a bad mood. Your thoughts and mind will race uncontrollably and that won’t make you feel any better. Get out and be active! If it’s a school day, surround yourself with friends! Answer and talk in class so you can be recognized and feel recognized. Go talk to new people. Who knows, somebody else may be having a bad day and a simple conversation will lighten their mood. Try doing something nice for yourself and friends if you’re not going to school that day. Do whatever you enjoy. Do something that no matter what always put a smile on your face. Do something that you know will make you happy. 

4. Claim a good day

Even if you wake up in a bad mood, go ahead and CLAIM YOU WILL HAVE A GOOD DAY. Nobody can control your emotions except yourself. Believe and know that nothing or no one can ruin or decide what type of day you have besides yourself so tell yourself “I will have a great day, and no negatively will be accepted or allowed today” or ever!! Life is short and although we many not realize it, a lot of us have it good. We are not lucky. We are all blessed! Thank GOD! Let’s smile when skies are gray. 

5. Pray

When you wake up feeling down, pray. Thank God for another day and ask for guidance and strength. This may be the only step that you have to do. Talk to God, and understand whatever you’re going through, whatever may have you down, He is right there with you.


Saabirah Breneus attends Valdosta State University. She is a junior majoring in mass media with hopes to become a new anchor. Saabirah is from Boston, MA but now lives in Jonesboro, GA. She is an amazing dancer, who also enjoys writing and telling stories very much. Saabirah loves being center of attention with all eyes on her.
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