How to make friends as a Transfer Student!

When entering a new school, it can be terrifying to make new friends and put yourself out there. Most freshman have a hard time making friends on campus. For that reason being, most schools offer a wide range of activities dedicated to only freshman so they can meet new people. Transfer students, on the other hand can be a bit hard to make new friends. You are not a freshman but you feel that way because you do not know anyone at the school. 

Here are some ways transfers can make friends at their new campus...

  • Join clubs and get involved.- Being involved on campus is so much fun. Most colleges campus offer a wide range of different clubs from religious clubs to anime club. LOL. Before I first came to Valdosta State University this year, I research all the different clubs they offered and right away there was like ten clubs I knew I wanted to definitely join including the amazing (HerCampus). 
  • Take on leadership roles- When you take on a leadership role for whatever organization it broadens your experiences. Different people will want to contact you with questions. You'll be able to learn more about the campus. See if your specific college offers Student Government or something close to that. Right now I have joined this club called "Quest". We are learning how to lead students (high school students) to become closer to God and develop friendships. 
  • Do not stay in your room or keep yourself isolated- Have not found a club or organization you want to join? Go to housing events and common student hangout areas. It might be hard but sometimes you have to put yourself out there. Try going up to someone and introducing yourself. Invite people to have lunch with you etc...

In conclusion, I am currently a transfer student at Valdosta. To be honest it is still hard for me to make friends. I have joined multiple clubs including (HerCampus) and have found great friends to hang and do life with. I am still working on taking on leadership roles and not staying isolated within my room. Life is amazing and we just have to try to enjoy as best as possible. 

Peace Out, HCXO