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How to Keep Your Friends and Yourself Safe at a Party!

As a college student, we have a lot on our plate. We have school work, commitments to certain clubs and the financial stress of worrying about rent or where our next meal will come from. It’s so much pressure, and sometimes we need to release that by having a little fun. Going to a party may be fun and all, but it’s good to be safe. When you and your friends are going to a party, keep these tips in mind.

1. Always stay near each other.

We have to stick together! It is important to be aware of your surroundings and to protect one another from danger. Parties are filled with different faces from different backgrounds, so you can’t be so sure of what’s going on around you. If something happens, you’ll have your girls to back you up.

2. Don’t pick up the drinks you placed down.

My mom gave me this tip, so shout out to her for sharing her wisdom. When you put down your drink, you might walk away from it or look away for just a second. Just in an instant, someone could put something in your cup. You can avoid taking these risks by having your bestie hold your cup or just pre-game before the party. 

3. Carry pepper spray or a taser. 

You and your friends are having a good time dancing and looking good. All of a sudden, some random person comes up and starts acting like a jerk. The situation could get out of hand, or they could decide to walk away. The thing is you never know, so it’s good to be prepared for certain situations. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry; tasers and pepper sprays are no more than $12.00 on Amazon. 

4. Have at least one designated sober person in the group.

I’m the mom of the group; I have to make sure everyone is safe and sound. You always need that one person who’s sober enough to be aware of everyone’s surroundings. That one person can be the driver and make sure everyone gets back to their dorms or apartments safe. 

Stay safe out there, babes! HCXO!


Mashawna Small

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