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How to Keep Focused While at Home

During the pandemic, we as students have options or no choice but to take online classes. Let us face it, online classes at home can be challenging. Keeping focus while at home can seem hard to most because being home there can be so many distractions. For example, family or roommates at home, making noise. You might become distracted by the television or your phone. Those are just a couple distractions that could affect how focused you are with your classwork. In this article I will discuss three was how to keep focus while at home. Rather it is class work or just work-related, period!

1. Turn off your cell phone [bf_image id="k59j5mrng6qtnc5ct9wc5k5b"]

Looking at our cell phones can become a habit, even if we do not notice it. Turning off your cell phone while you focused on your schoolwork or whatever important things you want to work on. Turning off your cell phone can keep you focused on the important things. Your cell phone will still be there when you are finished with your work.

2. Take breaks [bf_image id="m4sv756vjj8xcmfkpr3fv7tf"]

Its okay to take breaks when you need one. If you must take a break just do not break longer than an hour. While you break, enjoy your break, read messages,listen to your favorite band or get a quick snack. Even take a quick nap if you need to get your nap in for the day. Just make sure when you take you break, you keep it short and continue working after you break. When you take a break, you gained enrgy back from the rest you got from the break so it can make working a little more easy towards the end. 

3. Pick a quiet area [bf_image id="qbm79v-dugg00-efe5rg"]

When you decide to do your work make sure its in a place where you can be comfortable, and it is a quiet area. If you cannot find a quiet area, you can get some ear plugs to block out the noisy area. Sometimes playing some peaceful classic music can help you concentrate on your work.

Remember that yes you are home, but you must make sure you do your work as well. You can get easily distracted at home. We are more comfortable at home so when it comes to doing activities that you will normal not do at home it can be a hard task to complete. It is all about balance when you are home. Long as you learn how to balance working while at home you will be able to stay focused while at home.

Bonny is a transfer student from Georgia Military College, having obtained her associates degree in communication science in Summer 2020. She then transferred to Valdosta State in Fall 2020. She is now a mass media major in her junior year, looking to experience media like she never dreamed of! Bonny's hope that someday her work reaches you and many more.
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