How to host a Friendsgiving on a college campus.

Friendsgiving's a play on the word thanksgiving (with friends) is a very popular get-together party for friends in general especially in college.


1. Location

Make sure you book and reserve an area for the event. This is college a lot of other groups will be hosting parties around the same time and the last thing you need is out your location is not available. This aspects also goes along with food book the kitchen in advance!!! If your trying cook food and there no stove or oven available your Friendsgiving is basically over

2. Money collection (Food)

In college, everyone is little tight on money so it's important to state your rules for Friendsgiving attendance. For example "No money for food, no entry". Try to make sure everyone chips in money equally for food and decorations. Also, try to go shopping in advance and save money everywhere you can, for example, a rotisserie chicken instead of a turkey.

3. Games or Secret Santa

Games are always the highlight (other than the food) for a Great Friendsgiving. Make sure you have fun games that everyone can participate in such as Taboo or Uno. If you want to do a secret Santa Elfster is a great platform to randomly pair partygoers. Just make sure to set a max and minimum about of money for gifts!

4. Have fun

If your hosting the event make sure not to overstress this party is supposed to be fun for you too!! Try not to do everything by yourself and ask for help.