How to Get Through the Holiday Season Single

We all know that Halloween Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up. During those holidays, people are constantly reminded how single they are. You see couples post pictures and low key hate them. I’m trying to make that time a little better. 

You can make it through the season by surrounding yourself with family and friends. Dedicate your time to your family. Family will always be there no matter what. So why not make the holiday all about them? Spend time together, watch movies, play games, go out and just enjoy each other's presence. 


Next, you can dedicate some of your time to giving back. You can feed the homeless, donate clothes and prepare a meal for a family. Instead of thinking about being single, you can think about others. 


Also, you can plan activities for you, your family and friends. You could plan a Christmas party or other festive activity. There are so many things you can throw together and have a good time. 


Finally, take the time to focus and spoil yourself. Go out and buy yourself something nice. I mean, its not like you have to spend the money on someone else. You can take the holiday time to relax, take yourself out and just enjoy your singleness. 


You have to remember that being single is not a bad thing. It allows more time for you and more time for anything else you want to accomplish. It might not be your season for a relationship. So enjoy yourself.