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How to Get More Done with Less Stress: 4 Daily Habits

          Let’s face it, it’s not healthy to sustain 12-14 hour days on a continuous basis. You begin finding yourself in a place wedged between the fact that you can’t get anything done and the possibility that the issue is simply you. Maybe it’s time to incorporate these habits into your daily routines in order to create some time to step back and do away with the feelings of being burnt-out and cranky!

1)      Limit E-Mail/Social Media

          The greatest distractions are the virtual ties we have with the workplace and others. If it is possible, the amount of times you check your e-mail and social media should be limited a single view per day. These virtual platforms have tendencies to leave the mind drained and unfocused. Instead of gearing your morning energy towards repelling the stressors associated with e-mail and social media, it would be more beneficial to check these platforms at the end of the workday and focus your energy on accomplishing the vital tasks of the day.


2)      Concise boundary between work and personal life

          Separating work and personal life is the first step towards relieving work-related stress. When do you have time for yourself if you are allowing work to reach you at all hours of the day? It may seem more efficient to bring work wherever you go, but allowing it to encompass your life leads to burn-out! In solution, try setting time frames and creating a working space for just that reason… to work!


3)      Designate relaxation time

          Just as it is necessary to create a space and time for work, it is necessary to designate some time for relaxation. It may be tempting to snuggle up in your bed with your laptop to knock out a few assignments, but it’s important that this time is taken to relieve the mind of weighing thoughts. This is the time to engage in therapeutic activities such as yoga, crafting, meditation, etc. Try to refrain from phone usage during your relaxation time, truly attempt to attain balance.


4)      Preparation the night before

          What’s the easiest way to get your day off to a good start? Free up some time by preparing the essentials the night before! Before anything place your keys and wallet in a designated place to eliminate that early morning panic attack. Go ahead and pack your book bag or purse with what you will be needing the next day, this task is a lot easier when the highlights of your day are still fresh on your mind. Leftovers make a great lunch, package them up for a quick grab in the morning!

The ultimate goal of 6-8 hours of sleep, a healthy diet, and routine exercise is easier said than done. With the incorporation of these daily habits maybe finding the balance will grow to become a little easier day by day! –HCXO


Jamesia Folston is an Early Childhood Education student at Valdosta State University. She is a 23 year old alternative music addict who enjoys traveling, thrifting, and creating. She aspires to become an educator abroad and globetrotter.
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