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How to Enjoy Fall While You’re Still Sweating

For those of us in southwest Georgia, fall is not what it seems to be all over Pinterest. Chilly weather and the tease of winter does not really exist in the south. This leaves those of us who want to enjoy the feeling of the fall season feeling conflicted because stepping outside reminds us that the weather has not even thought about cooling down. Until fall really catches up to us, here are a few ways to not miss out on the joy of the season!

1. Smell the season

Get some candles! There are countless pumpkin, leaf, and sweet smelling candles. When the weather hasn’t caught up with the season, it can be inviting to trick your senses into thinking the autumn is among us.

2. Treat your taste buds

Pumpkin pie! Well, all things pumpkin of course. While food choices are certainly not limited to pumpkin, it is the popular pick. Enjoy some apple cider, mashed potatoes, and all things comfort food.

3. Decorate your surroundings

Décor can be found as cheap as a dollar, (hello Dollar Tree!) or as pricey as you’d like at stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby. Some people even enjoy making a project out of it and making it into a DIY. All it takes is gathering the materials, and put it all together! Some orange, yellow, and red leaves on a garland or wreath bring the season into your home.

4. Enjoy seasonal activities

Beat the heat with some old school fun! Carve a pumpkin or go on a hayride. The fair comes around this time of year and brings us all back to some simple, but good times. Taking a stroll as the sun goes down could be the perfect time for some cool outdoor activity. Late night bonfires and s’mores can make fall nights a memorable time.

5. Switch up the beauty

Opt for different makeup and fashion this time of year! You can go with what is popular and grab darker colors for your hair, makeup, and nails or you could switch it up. Either way, find something that is different from what you rocked during the summer months and make it your fall staple! The same goes for clothes, although leggings and plaid may be a bit much if it’s still hot out. Opt for a lighter ¾ sleeve top and pair it with shorts and ankle booties! You will get all the satisfaction of fall fashion with a lot less of the sweat.

Happy fall y’all!


Alex is an easy going and bubbly person who has a passion for all things creative. She is pursuing a degree in Psychology at Valdosta State University and loving her experiences along the way. Instagram & Twitter: alex_gmann
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