How To Date A Christian

Dating in this generation has become such a hard thing to do. Either someone just wants one thing and you want more or vice versa. However, dating can also be such a beautiful thing when two people are nothing but honest with each other and have that romantic chemistry. Communication is the key for every relationship to succeed rather that be friendships or romantic relationships.

If you are a Christian and you want a Christian partner, the first thing to ask yourself is does he or she love the Lord with all their heart. Is that the number one priority in their lives? Is God the number one priority in your life? If you cannot one hundred percent say yes, then you should not be dating.

The second thing to talk about is sex. Sex is off the table, but sex is also on the table. When dating I think it’s best to let your partner know if you have had intercourse from past relationships. But it’s also important to realize that their needs to be boundaries when being physically intimate. My first rule is stay out of each other’s rooms.

We are human, and we go against our beliefs sometimes. Being in your partner's room brings pressure to want to do more. Temptation can be super strong. Kissing in the bedroom can take a turn and lead to more things. Being in a relationship where Christ is the center of your relationship, you guys need to set boundaries. If watching a movie on the couch makes you have lustful thoughts or want to get physical, set a boundary where you guys won’t hang out alone after a certain time at night. I believe sex is reserved for a married man and woman. It is an important topic to discuss early on in your relationship.

Keep in mind when dating, it’s natural for you to isolate yourself from other friends in your life and even stray away from God. Satan loves this and tries to get deep into our heads. At the moment, we can be so infatuated with our partner that we forget that any relationship we have should be used to glorify God.

Lastly accountability in dating is crucial. Does your guy or gal love you enough to tell you that you are wrong? Will they say, "We should probably stop kissing before we are tempted." Will they ask, "Did you have your alone time with God today?" God designed relationships to encourage one another to grow and get closer with him and that is beautiful.

So, remember these rules when dating your guy or gal. Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you.