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How COVID 19 Changed My First Week of School

My first week of school was completely different from last year. In the first two weeks, I did not attend class. My teacher canceled due to personal issues. I also didn’t step foot on campus the whole first week. I honestly did not feel like I was a college student. Especially, since I stay off-campus now. The rest of my classes were online and it was very easy to forget about them. I had to set reminders to do my work. COVID-19 has completely changed the campus atmosphere. 

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

The mask-wearing, the social distancing, the limited capacities are all big parts in everything that’s going on. To say the least, my first week of school was very strange. I understand with everything going on, they are trying to keep us safe. It is very hard to live a normal college life with everything going on. Now I am on campus a little more but, things are still strange. Hopefully, things become better and feel normal soon. 

Alyssha Floyd

Valdosta '22

Hey, my name is Alyssha Floyd. I love writing, and I am so happy to be apart of HER Campus! Fun fact I have a Youtube channel!
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