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How to Avoid Those Annoying Questions at Thanksgiving Dinner

It’s almost that time of year again. Thanksgiving break will be here before you know it- a distraction from the never-ending piles of assignments and impending deadlines. Thanksgiving break serves as beacon of hope and sustenance for college kids everywhere. But, like most good things in life, it comes with a horrible downside. The deafening, soul-shattering sound of your aunt cherry’s voice when she asks you, “So how’s school going.” College students everywhere are plagued with intrusive, unkind, and inconsiderate questions about their grades. Parents, aunts and uncles everywhere should know by now that November is officially known as “grind time” aka the last four weeks in the semester to save your grades/GPA from complete oblivion. If you’re a college student looking for ways to avoid these godawful questions, look no further because I’ve got the perfect list of foolproof tactics.




1. Make yourself scarce

.People can’t bug you if they can’t see you. Bribe one of your siblings/cousins to funnel food into your room for the remainder of the holiday and lock your self in your closet if anyone comes looking for you.



2. Fight fire with fireWhen nosy family member start poking around where they don’t belong don’t hesitate to let them know they’ve got the wrong one. Oh, you wanna know about my plans after school cousin Lou? Well, why don’t YOU tell me about how you plan to move on from your third divorce?



3. Stuff your face

By far the easiest tactic of them all. When someone comes up to you with an unwanted question, just stuff your face with the nearest turkey leg and hightail it out of there. 



4. Burst into tears

Guilt them into giving you some words of encouragement. Or just make them so uncomfortable that they walk away and bother someone else. 



5. Dance around the subject

Divert the conversation away from your grades at all costs. Have you seen President Trump’s newest tweet?  When’s the last time you visited the Philippines? 

Jada Dukes

Valdosta '18

Jada Dukes is a Senior English-Journalism major at Valdosta State University who was born and raised in Warner Robins. Outside of HerCampus, She's written for the VSU Spectator,  MyGeorgiaHometown Magazine and  SouthGeorgiaToday.com. She's also Editor in Chief for the Student run General Interest magazine, OnTap. Her Hobbies include reading, writing and binge watching TV dramas with a strong female lead. Her largest goal in life is to one day meet Oprah and then become her. 
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