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How Apple Cider Vinegar Can Change Your Life


Apple cider vinegar? The sour liquid hanging out in your pantry used as an additional ingredient to add flavor to many homemade dishes. Yeah, that’s right. Apple cider vinegar can change your life for the better by increasing your health in many ways. If you are someone who is always on the lookout for home remedies that actually work, then this will not surprise you. But for some this may come as a complete surprise, so you will probably require more information to hop on board. Here’s a little background info:

In French, “vinegar” stands for “sour wine.” Vinegar has been around since the Babylonian age, whom which used to make wine and to flavor foods. It was also used to make energizing drinks and as a medicine. In ancient Greece, Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, recommended apple cider vinegar to others for a variety of illnesses including coughs and colds.

The most effective ACV would be organic, unfiltered, and contains the “mother,” which means all the beneficial living enzymes are left in it. Incorporating ACV into your daily diet intake could eliminate a large number of health issues from hiccups to common cold symptoms. Here’s why you should take a daily shot of ACV.

Apple cider vinegar can aid in weight loss.

The main active ingredient, acetic acid, suppresses satiety, increases metabolism, and reduces the amount of calories you consume. In other words, ACV increases your fullness while eating so you won’t over eat. By reducing your calorie intake, this will lead to weight loss over time.

Apple cider vinegar can kill many types of bacteria.

Because of its acidity, it has traditionally been used for cleaning and disinfecting, preserving food, and cleaning wounds. Taking ACV internally can prevent UTIs and bacterial infections with its antibiotic features.

Apple cider vinegar can clear your skin.

It can act as a natural toner leaving the skin with a healthy glow. It has antibacterial features that help keep acne under control. There are also a mixture of acids (malic and lactic acid) that softens skin, reduces redness, and balance your skin’s pH balance. It even has anti-inflammatory properties that aids in fading discoloration of the skin.

Apple cider vinegar can prevent dandruff.

The acidity of ACV affects your scalp’s pH balance which makes it difficult for yeast to grow. It’s the perfect tool for treating your dandruff because it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that could potentially make your issue worse. After adding ACV to your weekly hair regimen, you will notice positive results.

Apple cider vinegar can detox your body.

It is filled with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that helps cleanse your system from the accumulation of toxins, bacteria, and other gunk that needs a way out of there. The detoxing process affects the entire body from the bowels, liver, skin, and kidneys. There’s many different ways to detox with ACV such as a detox bath, a detox drink, and a detox diet.

Apple cider vinegar can boost your energy.

ACV contains potassium and other enzymes that help to terminate fatigue. Its amino acids also help prevent any build up from the lactic acid in your body, which causes fatigue. Instead of reaching for coffee in the morning try adding ACV to a glass of water for that extra energy boost you’re looking for.

There are endless reasons why apple cider vinegar should be a part of your daily regimen. Especially, for those who like to keep things natural and chemical-free. At the end of the day, ACV may not be an instant “cure-all” but it is a great natural substance that should be kept around just in case you encounter any everyday common issue. Long story, short apple cider vinegar can change your life!


Vivian Watley, also known as, Vee is a new member of Her Campus Valdosta State. She is a junior studying mass media and possibly soon to be a communication minor. As a current mass media student, Vee is still deciding on what specifically she wants to focus on. She enjoys creating YouTube videos and considers herself a natural hair enthusiast.
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