Having Doubts About Your Major

College is stressful. Declaring your major is sometimes even harder and more stressful. So here you are sitting in Odum or your room having doubts about your career path and you don't know what to do. I have been in your shoes and here's my advice for you, first thing first, relax. When I first came to VSU I was a biology major but after failing my first bio exam I gave up and switched my major to Interior Design. I decided to switch my major not because I had lost my passion for animals but because I wanted to take the easy way out. Sometimes the easy way out isn't the best option. Here I am now back a Biology major with a minor in African American studies. Hundreds of students have been in your shoes and are currently on your shoes. Here's my advice when it comes to having doubts about your major.

1. Talk to an upperclassman in your major

They know best about your major. Try to be impartial when asking for their opinions. Before I got here I had networked on Twitter and asked Bio majors their opinion on biology and everyone I talked to hated biology. Honestly, you're not going to love and be excited about everything in your major, but like my mom always said if the good things outweigh the bad then that’s something to consider.

2. Talk to your advisor

Your advisor purpose on campus is to guide you. They are here for you. Don't be scared to go talk to your advisor. Let them know that you may be looking into other majors. If you are failing your classes that are required for your major, talk to your advisor about what you should do. Even if you do not know what you want to switch your major to still go and talk to your advisor. When I was in this situation I found myself sitting in my advisor office taking a quiz on what my major should be and that quiz honestly helped.

3. Visit Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities offers lots of resources. Here you can network with possible employers, participate in mock interviews, work on your resume and discuss future plans specialist. Mackenzie, a senior here at Valdosta State had doubts about her major. “Stopping by career opportunities really helped me figure out what I wanted to do in life."

4. Make a pro/con list

Take some time to clear your head and make a list of the things you love and the things you hate about your major. Sometimes it helps to visually see what things you are able to deal with and what things are deal breakers for you. When I made my list I realized that Biology means way more to me than Interior Design.

5. Talk to your parents

Your parents know you best. They are the ones that have been giving you advice since day one. They are the realest people on your team. You may have to give them some time with accepting the fact that you're switching majors but you can sit or call them and ask them for their advice.


 Don't be ashamed of having doubts with your major. Almost everyone goes through it. No matter the major, there will be times when it is difficult, stressful, or you just want to cry in the study room of Odum. Just make sure you are happy in whatever field you choose because, at the end of the day, all that matters is that you are happy with your major in the long-run.