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Halloween Preparation: Television Edition

So it is still September and in Georgia it still feels like summertime. We have a couple of weeks until October rolls around, and judging by the temperature we have months before it feels like fall. With that being said there is truly no reason that we cannot begin to emotionally prepare for Halloween! For anyone who loves all things creepy, this is the list for you. For anyone who needs costume inspiration, this list is definitely for you too. For anyone who simply loves television, this list is for you. For anyone that is simply ready for Halloween, this list is mainly for you. October is full of scary movies, fall colors, and yummy treats, so why can’t we all get a head start by watching shows filled with fantasy, zombies, gore, and all types of death. I know some of you did a double take when you saw the word fantasy, but much like Halloween this list wil be a perfect mixture of the creepy, scary, and downright unbelivable, and what is more unbelievable than fantasy? The following shows are definitely binge worthy and will have you in the Halloween Spirit in no time. Watch one, two, or watch every show on this list. Whatever you start will definitely be a treat from beginning to end!

1. American Horror Story

2. Once Upon A Time

3. Game Of Thrones

4. Penny Dreadful

5. The Walking Dead 

6. The Strain



Toni Miles is a Mass Media Major with aspirations of writing, producing her own documentaries, and directing short films in the future. 
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