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For many of us, having a “glow-up” is one of our main focuses for the year 2017. From our income, bodies, and relationship goals we all just want to have a noticeable increase in our “glow” over the next 12 months, really loving the person we are becoming. Yes, we all know that beauty comes from within, but that does not mean we can’t strive to increase our physical appearance– I mean afterall there is a quote that says “when you look good, you feel good!”

To some people having a “snatched waist” is looking good, while others would say that the clarity of their skin is what makes them look good. Well for me, it’s my hair. If my hair can have the curliest curls and be down my back when it’s straitened I would be satisfied! This year, I’m making it a priority to really focus on the heath of my hair. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my beautiful Brazilian and Malaysian bundles, but I decided to take a break from the inches and start working towards a goal I’ve always had… to have NATURAL inches!

During my winter break, I spent some time looking up different remedies and products that could hopefully help me reach my hair goals. I came across a lot of hair growth pills and unique oils that many girls reviewed to be great products. At the same time, I was also finding many negative reviews and side effects that people have experienced from using these products. Long story short, I didn’t end up purchasing those hair growth products. I wasn’t willing to risk any side effects, nor was I willing to spend all my savings on products I didn’t even know would work for me.

So I thought to myself… “how can I make sure my hair is healthy and continues to grow WITHOUT doing the big chop?” Well, on New Year’s Eve, I spent some time drinking champagne, listening to music, and chilling with some of my closest friends. After many laughs and good times, we later got on the topic of hair (I have no idea how). “All I do is take vitamins, and it made my hair grow” said one of my friends. That caught my attention. I asked what type of vitamins assuming she was going to reply naming some of the brands that I have already researched… I was wrong. She said “I take my daily women’s vitamins, biotin, and drink a lot of water.” After she said that it clicked. I just need to take care of my body and make sure I maintain my health in order to assist my hair in growing. I googled some daily vitamins that I could take in order to help me reach my hair goals, and I went to Walmart the very next day to pick them up. I ended up purchasing a bottle of One a Day Women’s Multi Vitamins, and a bottle of Hair, Skin, and Nail Biotin Supplement. During the first week of January, I made a promise to myself that I would seriously commit to taking my vitamins, get my hair trimmed as needed, and drink at least three bottles of water a day.

Now of course since it’s still January, I haven’t been on this hair journey long. I’ve only had one trim since winter break, and I haven’t even gotten at least half way through my multi vitamins. Although I have not had a significant amount of hair growth, I can definitely feel a positive difference in the roots of my hair when I wash it; my roots are beginning to feel thicker, and stronger. At the end of the semester, I will write another article about my 5 months taking vitamin supplements. I’m super excited to see what this commitment will do to my hair by this time next year!

Before I wrap up, I wanted to leave you all with some simple hair growth tips that can easily increase your chances of reaching your hair goals for 2017!

  1. Keep your hair moisturized
  2. Use oil on your hair
  3. Trim your hair as needed
  4. Take vitamins that boost hair growth
  5. Protect the ends of your hair
  6. Cover your hair whenever possible
  7. Try using a protein treatment
  8. Eat healthy foods
  9. Avoid using heat on your hair
  10. Try to limit the amount of color used on your hair
  11. Spread out time between hair relaxing treatments
  12. Be gentle to your hair when brushing it
  13. Avoid using weaves or tight braids
  14. Try using products that cater to strengthening dry, damaged hair
  15. Drink plenty of water 


Lauren Ashli, formally known as Lauren Thomas is a native of Atlanta, Ga. She is currently a senior at Valdosta State University studying public relations and communication. After graduation, Lauren plans on working full time as a broadcast journalist for a major magazine company or television station. When she's not working behind the camera, Lauren spends time in the dance studio, working on her own personal businesses, socializing, and listening to her all time favorite artist Beyonce Knowles. You can follow her on Instagram @lauren.ashli, and on Twitter @MsLauren_Ashli. You can also visit her personal website www.laurenashli.com
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