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Guy Friends: 4 Reasons Why You Need Them

It is completely normal to have guys in your life who are just your friends and in fact you should have a guy best friend. They are protective, hilarious and genuinely care for you as a person. Here are four reasons why having a guy best friend is a must:

1. They don’t care when you bum it.

When you’re around the boys there’s a good chance that they aren’t too concerned about whether you’re dressed up or not. They don’t have time to comment on your new outfit when the game is on and chances are they’re just glad that you decided to come hangout and joke around with them. So throw on some joggers, put your hair in a messy bun and go make-up free. Feel free to bum it because the boys don’t mind.

2.  Save the drama for your mama

Everyone indulges in a little bit of gossip every now and then, but guys aren’t truly about the drama (usually). Your guy friends don’t mind listening to the he said/she said conversation but after a while they’ll tell you to let it go and move on. 

3. They’re advice givers

Guys may not always be the smoothest with words but when it comes to giving advice they’re sincere… or at least they try to be. While you may not always want to hear what they have to say your guy friends care for you and they want the best for you, so just listen closely and take their words to heart.

4. Handy man

As much as we like to think we’re independent sometimes we need a little help. There’s no shame in asking your guy friends for help because more than likely the want to show off their impressive skills anyways. So whether you need the oil changed in your car or you’re just not tall enough to reach that blown out lightbulb in the bathroom, give them a call.

Having a friend of the opposite sex in your life is beneficial and well needed. Sometimes you just need the perspective of someone other than your girls. So, shout out to all of the great guy friends that are in our lives, you’re appreciated. 


Rineta is a Speech Communication major at Valdosta State University, with an emphasis in public relations. She aspires to have a career in sports media relations one day. In her free time she enjoys binge watching shows written by Shonda Rimes on Netflix, reading professional athlete autobiographies and being the friend who laughs too much. Follow her- IG/Twitter: _rrainey
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