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It seems that your major is always going to be a topic of discussion, whether you’re finishing out your senior year of high school or simply maneuvering through your college career. You might know exactly what you want to major in, or maybe you’re unsure of all your options. If you’re like me, maybe you chose a major and after a few months/years, realized its not for you. All of these scenarios are very common, and it’s okay to feel a little lost on what to do next. It might take some time to figure it out but I promise you, with the right resources and assistance you can find something that resonates with you. 

Talk To Someone

The first thing I would advise you to do is talk to someone, more specifically your advisor. Let them know about your doubts in your current major or your concerns with choosing a major. They have unlimited resources to help you make the best decision for you. In most cases, they will offer some of the solutions I’m going to mention. You can also talk to some of your close friends and family members. They may have some ideas of a major that might be a good fit for you.


What if you have a difficult advisor?

When I first decided to change my major, I made an appointment to speak with my advisor directly. I was super confident in knowing that I was ready to switch to something else, but when I spoke with him he was reluctant to help.

If you have a situation like this, these other resources will come in handy because they allow you to take matters into your own hands. 


Do Some Research

This can be in the form of online research or finding other outlets on campus to help. You can look up different majors that exist within your university or that are offered elsewhere. Go on your university’s website as if you’re choosing classes and look to see what they have, maybe something will stand out. 

Attend a Career Fair

I feel like the biggest obstacle to overcome when deciding on a new major is figuring out what you’re good at or what you like to do. Most schools offer a career fair to help students with job opportunities or figure out what path would be most fitting for them and their skill set. 


Take Your Time

People can get in your head a lot and often times they can rush you to make decisions or make you feel like you’re behind. The truth is you’re figuring things out just like everyone else, and that takes time. Maybe you don’t need to exhaust all of these resources, sometimes the best option is to just wait until the timing feels right. 


For example,

My sister started her freshman year of college as a nursing major, and within a month, she decided to change her major to education. She finished out her freshman year but realized that she didn’t like her new major either. Instead of putting a lot of pressure on herself to figure it out, she took a semester off. Within that semester she was given opportunities that helped her ultimately come to the conclusion that she enjoys being a manager and now plans to major in business. 

You will constantly hear what people think you should do, or what others want you to do. It is ultimately your choice in which direction you go and as long as you’re happy with your decision, that is what really matters. Good luck on your journey!

Viola Davis

Valdosta '20

"What is done in love is done well" -Vincent Van Gogh "This section is supposed to be a small portion about me and I feel like this quote from Van Gogh describes me to a t." Viola is a very loving person/artist, sensitive, and passionate about everything she does. Viola is an introverted soul trying something different, and wanting to share her interest with you. She's all over the place and tends to be a bit unorthodox but you'll enjoy it. Viola is an Art Education Major with a minor in Psychology. Her dream is to work in New York as an art therapist for children with special needs.
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