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The semester is coming to an end and it’s crunch time. You probably have 3 to 5 finals or projects due and the library is slowing becoming your second home. Whether you are studying at home or at school, things can get pretty distracting. If you study at home you have to deal with loud roommates, the TV being on, or just the fact that you are 3 steps away from your bed. Coming to the library always seems to help you focus more but if you don’t snag a study room quick enough you’re out in the open with the rest of the school. Library distractions can vary from the silent cries of students trying to bring their GPA up to someone on the phone talking about what their boyfriend did last night. Some say that studying to music is better than studying to silence. If you study to instrumentals of any genre of music you are bound to be more focus. Your mind won’t wander away from you responsibilities because when you are not thinking about that you are listening to some cool music. Here are some great playlist that will help you stay focused.

Spotify: Nujabes Playlist

If you like that type of chill wave hip hop like Flying Lotus to The Wu-Tang Clan then you will love these lo-fi beats on this playlist. This music is calm but also keeps you alert and moving.


Spotify: Late Night Jazz Playlist

Mixing new and old age jazz together, this playlist is great background music.


Soundcloud: Pillowtalk + Vibe Sundays- Cam Dooley

This mix pieces together some great oldies and newbies with relaxing music under it. Great for staying awake but not getting to hype and unfocused.


Bandcamp: Dreamscape Part 1-3- Brandon*

These playlist bring Bosa Nova (Brazilian jazz) and hip hop together making this my favorite instrumental studying music.

Enjoy and good luck on all finals!


Hello! I'm Erika and I'm a Mass Media and French major. I love to read, write, and listen to music! 
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