Graduation Picture Time

Well seniors, there are two months left till graduation, and it’s definitely time to get those grad pictures up and running. Graduation pictures are most definitely needed so people can see how happy you are to be getting up out of college when you send out invitations and announcements. There are many things to consider when preparing for pictures, so keep reading to find out how to properly prepare for those grad pictures in an efficient manner.

Book Your Photographer

It is important to book your photographer AHEAD of time. Do not be that person trying to find a photographer last minute. You’ll be surprised how quickly photographers get booked, so plan accordingly so you aren’t stuck having your best friend take your graduation pictures on your phone.

Grad Cap Design

If you’re planning on decorating your cap or getting your cap decorated then do that ahead of time as well. Make your cap who you are, so incorporate your major, personality, anything that you want.


Okay ladies, hairstyles are a must. Go ahead and book those hair appointments because you know you are going to want to be slayed. If hair needs to be ordered, then it should have been ordered like…yesterday because you have to take shipping into consideration. Just make sure to check that weather. You don’t want fallen curls or shrunken puffs from the rain.


Choose your makeup wisely. It’s hot and depending on your picture time you could possibly be out there sweating. Waterproof makeup is a MUST just to be on the safe side. I haven’t really heard about night time grad pictures, but hey, if you go for that make sure you have NO flash back or you will be looking real ghostly. Also make sure you book your MUA unless you plan on doing your own makeup.


In my opinion your outfit should express who you are, and possibly your college experience. I based mine on colors I love and my major, so the possibilities are endless.


Location is key. You want good lighting, and a bomb scenery regardless of what or where you choose to take yours. For example, I’m a business major, so I chose to take half of my pictures at the business school and the other half in front of our student union. It is completely up to you.


Now that your graduation pictures have been taken it’s time to create and send out those invitations and announcements. Those should also express who you are, so really think about it. Make sure you create them with enough time to send them out to give your family and friends enough time to book hotels, take off from work, etc.

Make these pictures memorable because these will be with you forever, well at least for me. And congratulations for getting this far!